Check out what our guest's thought about their week long adventure on KO8 Escapes this August! Whilst our new KO8 program launches in our new home of Thailand this July, we have been running successful Bootcamp style escapes in Spain for a number of years.

These are our Tribe. Those incredible individuals who have stepped out and stepped up to make a positive difference in their lives and commit to themselves.

Here are just a few

PJ Mccloskey Gaelic footballer for County Derry gains 2 lbs of lean muscle

I was looking for a training experience which was something different and managed to come across KO8 during my research. It stood out to me for being one of the more personal services available. I understood that a lot of people want to loose weight at boot camps but I actually wanted to gain weight if anything. The small number of people on the camp and the promise to tailor my training were the main factors for me giving myself a weeks holiday in Spain with Kieran Owens.

I can safely say it was the most effective weeks training I have ever done. I gained 2 lbs of muscle during my stay, which was unbelievable given the amount of cardio we done. Kieran took me down to do extra weight sessions each evening, while the others took a few hours rest. Patsy (the chef and yoga instructor) tailored my meals to ensure I didn't lose weight like the 5 others on the camp. I got bigger meals than the others! The food was fantastic too!!!

I have no doubt the camp helped me prepare for my Gaelic football season coming up and I would recommend the camp to everyone who either wants to prepare better for their sport or to get themselves in shape. Wonderful location, wonderful training and wonderful people!

Jon Hayes Grows His Soul...And His Abs at Boot Camp


As a friend of KO8 founder Kieran Owens it would seem biased for me to do a write up of my time on the camp but anyone who knows me will admit that I can be quite blunt when it comes to criticising my mates especially my football team-mates. I didn't really know quite what to expect from this experience & was wondering if it would be worth the money as whenever I travel to Spain it certainly isn't to put anything healthy in my body, quite the opposite in fact! At 6:30 every morning on Spanish ground I am usually just getting in, not getting up so it was quite a shock to the system at first but as soon as I had breakfast I was ready to tackle whatever Kieran had planned for us. As an ex boxer wanting to get back in shape I wanted it to be as hard as possible & believe me it did NOT disappoint! Doing circuits on the sand is really difficult for any level of fitness so after the 1st session I was pleased it was going to be a testing week :)I was looking forward to the 'step climbing workout' as it was something I did on a regular basis when I was super fit 18 years ago but I'm getting on in age now (nearly 35) so I knew it was going to be a lot harder than it used to be. We reached the steps at around 7:30am & when we got there I thought it was a mountain not a set of stairs! When he said it was up & down for 45 mins I nearly threw up at the thought & thought he was having a laugh (he wasn't) but it was an absolutely brilliant exercise & a great effort by everyone in the group who never stopped going for the whole duration. This exercise is absolutely unbelievable for your fitness & stamina & if you think you can't do it then think again you will surprise yourself! Speaking of mountains…… Climbing mountains is something I've never even given consideration to in the past as to me it seems pretty boring! I couldn't of been more wrong, it was very challenging & interesting as the whole camp bonded during these walks as it feels like a sense of achievement as a group & the views are very rewarding & tranquil when you reach the top so take your camera :)

Patsy-Anne's yoga sessions on the beach are so relaxing she has a really calming influence over the class & her taste in music is pure class & I would just like to thank her for introducing me to Ray LaMontagne's music, I nearly fell asleep listening to 'Winter Birds' it was that good :) The accommodation & food is 1st class, thanks again to Patsy Anne & Rebecca for their hospitality & culinary skills :) I started my fitness regime a week after the new year & going on this fitness holiday was probably the best decision I've made in recent times as it has kick started my fitness plan to a much higher level as I usually don't start to get going until at least after Easter! My metabolic age is now down to 22 from 31 which I recorded in January so I am very pleased at the moment. Finally a word on the main man Kieran, for anyone thinking of booking on the program this lad really knows his stuff & makes people feel at ease from the off, he doesn't get tough if you are slacking at the workout but will show you an easier exercise if you are struggling & will always encourage you to give it your best which you will respond to in return. So, overall it was worth every penny & more! Whatever your level of fitness Kieran will cater to your needs & even if you don't put 100% into your training I guarantee you will grow your soul a million percent with the whole KO8 experience :)

Karen Marshall changes her life with two weeks at KO8 boot camp!


"TWO WEEKS? WAS I MAD!!!!?". That's what everyone said at work. Well, no, I wasn’t mad. In fact it was probably the best thing I've ever done and I plan to go back for more, sooner rather than later! From the moment Kieran (our trainer) greeted me at the airport he puts you at ease. I was very unfit and slightly overweight, plus I'm not getting any younger! But KO8 Javea Boot Camp has changed all that (except the "gettin' older" bit!). Firstly, Kieran's such a fantastic trainer. He pushes you hard knowing that this will bring the best out of you, which in turn makes you want to achieve better things. He’s also on hand to answer any questions you may have, no matter how minor.

One of the problems I have is with my knees. Kieran would always offer an alternative exercise if my knee(s) were hurting or if he saw me struggling. The positive energy he has rubs off on you and this makes you want to try that much harder.

There were times when I thought "NO WAY!", such as the Steps. I managed them six times the first week and bettered it by two the second week. My fitness was so much better during the second week and I achieved so much more than I would've thought possible; the knowledge you take away with you is priceless.

Setting off for circuits down on the beach in the morning was just fantastic with the view of the ocean; you don't get this sort of view back home! Every day was different doing various exercises as well as great walks up the mountains (poor Kieran with all that water in his ruck sack!), and what fantastic views. I was terrified looking at Mount Mongo, but it was well worth the climb. If I can make it, so can you.

Now yoga isn't as easy as some may think, but it's a good way of toning as well as a great way to stretch and chill whilst listening to Ray Lamontagne at the end of it (I'm now a big fan!). Yoga on the beach, learning all the moves, with the waves crashing in the background was breath taking; some nodded off at the end, mentioning no names! Zzzzzzzzzzzz.

The food that the lovely Patsy Anne, Kieran's mum (or sister as some would say!) prepared for us all during our stay, helped by Rebecca (Kieran's beautiful girlfriend), was excellent and of restaurant standard; I wanted to take Patsy Anne home with me! Rebecca was great, too. Not only does she take part in the training exercises, Becky also gives you support and encouragement. There were a few times when I thought "HELP!", but Becky was there shouting "Come on Karen, you can do it!".

I should also mention Becky's facials, which I highly recommend. I had two and a manicure. Not only do they make you feel great, your skin feels like new. And they're not just for women, men can have them, too.

Big shout to Charlotte. I would never have made that walk during the first week without your support (X). Thanks you guys for all your encouragement on the second week (you know who you are) and Siobhan; what a finish for the girls, flying in the air for the finish line. I'll treasure that moment.

Most important, in addition to the great company, I lost 7.7 pounds, plus 6.6 inches, during the first week and remained the same weight in the second week but had an overall loss of 9.9 inches. Lost a further 5 pounds since I've been home and the weight is still coming off. I'll keep you posted on my progress. As for the Burpess, I went from doing 5 in the first week to 15 in the second! 

If you do nothing else this year do this, KO Beach Boot Camp. Nothing is too much trouble for this great team. I was there two weeks and they treated me like I was part of the family. Thanks guys (X). The villa where I stayed was both comfortable and stylish; pure luxury! Lookin' forward to going back again soon, this time fitter and determined to beat some of my previous targets!


A few words from Miss Helen Waldron

I just wanted to say thank you again for an amazing week at camp.  Not only did I really enjoy myself, but coming back to work, feeling healthy and being complemented on how well I look has given me so much confidence.  I achieved everything - and more - that I wanted to on bootcamp and am excited about putting into practice everything we learned from you and your mum.  You showed us what we can achieve when we put everything we can in, so I don't want to undo all the good work!!  Besides, I've got to work on reclaiming that burpee record...



Sophia loses 9 lbs in one week!

Thank you so much for an amazing week - it really has changed my life! It has been an absolute pleasure to meet you both and get to know you throughout the week. I have enjoyed every minute of it - the challenges, the lovely meals - everything! Thanks once again.

Loretta loses 12 lbs in week with her daughter!

Kieran I don't know if it was more painful for you or me at Granadella. (sorry!!! - what kind of nonsense was I going on about that day?!!) Anyway a loss of 5.5 kilos (12lbs)  hey now that's brilliant. I am so pleased with that result! The whole week has been really challenging yet at the same time real fun too. Words can't really express how grateful I am to you both. I know I will go back to England with a real positive outlook on healthy food and fitness. You were just what Sophia and I needed to kick start our, ''new way of life!'' We will be back! (sorry if that's put the fear of god in you Kieran - but nothing can that bad twice running eh?) 

This is what Diana had to say about her time with us...

''18 months before visiting KO8 Boot Camp I was very very poorly and ended up having three quarters of my right lung removed. I worked hard at getting back to ‘normal’ and could walk the dog 3-4 miles a day and thought I’d probably stay at a similar fitness level for the rest of my life due to my lack of lung capacity, which was never very good even before my op. My sister had previously been to Kieran’s boot camp and she had lost weight and said she felt fit and healthy even 10 months after attending. I wanted some of that so we both booked a week in March 2015. To be truthful, I felt completely overwhelmed for the first 2 days! If we weren’t exercising or eating, I was asleep! The third day is when it all ‘clicked’ - I even got my first ever exercise endorphin kick and when our exercise session ended, I dragged my sister off for a little jog! I can’t lie, I found the week really tough; I would never have pushed myself so hard and I would never have thought myself capable of half of what I achieved without Kieran’s encouragement. The hard work was SO worth it. It proved to me I am FAR more capable than I thought I was and I’m determined not to let all my hard work go to waste now I’m back home. Now I jog/walk with the dog - I feel amazing and inspired! I also lost 6.6lbs 8.75 inches! THANK YOU Kieran.


Testimonial from the Welsh wonder Rhian Langford!

"Well its one week on Sunday (25th May’14) that I’ll have been back from Spain and I’m still feeling on top of the world. What an amazing experience, exercises, food, staff and the people on the same camp. On day two I became quite sad as I discovered I couldn’t do Yoga due to arthritis in my hip then on day 3 I couldn’t do the walk to the lighthouse due to vertigo, I actually felt like going home but I pulled myself together and did my own walk ☺. Then to replace the yoga sessions the lovely Becky decided to kill me in the gym, what a great session!! I continued to do the circuits in the morning and gave it 120% to make up for what I thought I wasn’t doing but amazingly I managed to be the weeks biggest loser by losing 9.9lbs and 5.5 inch loss, I almost cried – such a great moment in my life. So for people with injuries do not let them hold you back from going to KO8 Bootcamp because the support and encouragement you will get will spur you on, basically there is always something you can do with the help of Kieran and Becky. So my thanks and huge appreciation go to Kieran for fantastic circuit sessions, Becky the hard task master of the gym and Patsy-Ann the best cook ever!! SO GOOD I am returning on 31st August…bring it on (and the steps)!!”


Sharon 'Sugar' Simpson learns how to KO at Boot Camp!

Thank you for making KO8 Boot Camp such a wonderful experience. As you know I found your details online through a random Google search. I didn't know what to expect. I didn't actually have a lot of weight to lose. I really just wanted to get fit again and toned. I was worried about attending the camp on my own and felt very nervous. I was looking for a healthy trip that would include a range of activities such as yoga, hiking, healthy eating, comfortable accommodation and good company - nothing fanatical or weird!! I was thrilled with the results. I feel absolutely great. You and your team are such an inspiration and I'm in the best shape that I have been in a long time. I have completely changed my diet, I've started circuit training, swimming and running. At the weekend I will be attending "Left Hook" boxing gym!! It was a pleasure to meet you all. I really miss you and look forward to returning in the New Year.
Trust me when I tell you that KO8 Boot Camp is the BEST!!


Sandee Smith loses 9.9 lbs in one week!

“A friend came back from KO8 beach looking absolutely amazing so I promptly booked my space. I've been to a couple of Bootcamps over the years so I basically knew what to expect. I needed a boot in the backside as my fitness levels and weight had fluctuated over the years. I can honestly say Kieran really put me straight - he knows how to push you, he has a sense of what you can do and whether you are working to your maximum capacity. His enthusiasm and passion is infectious and he really knows his stuff. In previous Bootcamps the food was always a problem for me, I absolutely love food and lots of it! Patsy-Anne (Kieran's beautiful mother who could actually pass as his sister) is the chef and believe me when I say I never knew healthy eating could be so delicious. Her cooking is absolutely amazing. Patsy-Anne also teaches yoga, which I have always wanted to learn. As a runner for most of my adult life I am extremely inflexible, I found the sunset yoga very hard but I enjoyed every minute of it. I found it beneficial to stretch out the muscles after a morning of circuits on the beach. Becky, is Kieran's beautiful girlfriend who trained with us, she is a truly lovely person. She is so patient, kind and inspiring. Overall my experience at KO8 beach was fabulous, the other girls in my group were a fantastic bunch. I have booked to go back next year......for TWO WEEKS!!!!”


Testimonial from the super human Danielle Chidlow!

“The are no words to describe a week at KO8 Bootcamp other than TRULY AMAZING! As someone who participates in sport/exercise 6 days a week I arrived in Spain already very fit- but i left feeling 100% fitter and stronger; and a 'superhuman-alien' as Kieran named me!!Kieran is an outstanding trainer who knows how to push people to reach their limits; and has the ability to tailor every session to suit people of various abilities. His friendly attitude and passion for the health and fitness of his clients shines through and he enables your to reach standards you never thought possible- without the need for any shouting or force like some bootcamps i have read about. The camp has the perfect mix of exercise/activity with relaxing time- and the villa and local areas is a beautiful place to just chill, recuperate and get a tan!! No holiday would be complete without good local cuisine and Patsy's cooking is not to be missed- providing amazing healthy food everyday with massive amounts of variety. From the moment I arrived I was made to feel welcome and by the end of the week I felt like part of the family; I cant wait to return next year.


Testimonial from the Sofi Cironkaite (Heart of a Lioness) 11 lbs lost in one week!

“If you are after a holiday that will leave you feeling happy, proud of yourself, energized and having had a total break from your life, then this is it. On the day I arrived all our group had fitness test. I was terrified how unfit I was. I was scared of Monday morning, didn't know what expect. But you know what? I have never worked so hard and at the same time had such wonderful feeling doing it! The whole KO8 beach Boot Camp experience was brilliant. Kieran, Pat and Beck made us very welcome and we felt like part of the family by the time we went home! You guys really encouraged a team spirit within our group so we all felt we supported each other – much easier than trying to get through the challenges alone! Small group allowed for an ideal opportunity to take it all in. It was like having a personal trainer with me for 12 hours a day all week long. You just can’t ask for any better. It’s a wonderful location to come – views simply breath taking; the accommodation is beautiful; and the food was fresh, healthy and most important delicious, Thank you Pat!!! So, In the end of the week I:

*had best Holidays ever;

*lost 11 pounds and 9.5in;

*gained loads of experience and belief in myself;

*met most amazing



Testimonial from the awesome Kate Waller, who we will be seeing later this year. 6.6 lbs lost in one week!

“Thank you thank you thank you Kieran & family for an amazing week - it's been without question a life changing experience. You surpassed all my expectations and the results speak for themselves - nearly half a stone off in a week - wow! - not to mention the huge fitness gains. You, Becky and Patsy could not have been more welcoming or more supportive, you are all so kind and so thoughtful, it's like home away from home! I achieved so much more than I thought possible as a result of your positive attitude and encouragement, and I learned a huge amount too. In short, Ioved everything about KO8 Beach Boot Camps - the accommodation, the food, the training and the company. The true testament though is that I've kept up both the fitness (love those Turkish getups!) and with the friendships I made during my stay...... Keep up the good work... When can I come back?!”